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Paul Santilli

Paul Santilli, Your Family Law Attorney in Wisconsin

Family Law Experience When You Need It Most
We know when issues of family are at stake, you cannot afford to lose precious time for an inexperienced Lawyer to handle your case. Paul Santilli brings over 20 years of family law experience to you and Paul has seen family law from every angle including serving as:
• Deputy Family Court Commissioner
• Divorce Attorney
• Attorney in Custody and Placement Disputes
• Attorney in Interstate Placement Issues
• Maintenance and Child Support Attorney
• Judicial Appointments as Guardian ad Litem (the attorney that protects the interests of a child)

Paul has also served as an attorney in cases involving paternity, grandparent visitation and removal, guardianships, involuntary commitments, and CHIPS (Child in Need of Protections) cases.

Paul’s wide experience means he has both your perspective and the other side’s perspective. This allows Paul:
To keep your surprises to a minimum
To as quickly as possible move your proceedings along
To get as favorable an outcome for you as the situation and the law allows

Why is Paul Santilli’s Family Law Practice Better for You?
First off, Paul and the whole Dahlberg Law Group practices personal interaction and an open door policy. Paul works on every case personally, meeting with you personally, handling the details personally; never handing your case off to a clerk. Second, Paul is always available to his clients.  

Paul likes to focus on relationships and good communication. Since Paul works well with families and other attorneys, he finds the pain of what you are going through stays at a minimum. Paul’s ability to work with others allows the process to be both efficient and equitable, in other words, they go as fast as possible, and you often get the maximum benefits of what the law will allow.

Feedback Paul gets is usually very positive because he focuses on you. He will sit down with you to talk about your case and then help you know what kind of outcome you should expect and what the process will be like. With few surprises and a smooth process, you can as soon as possible put your current issues to rest and get back to living life.

Paul Santilli Can Work with YOU!
The great thing about Paul is his ability to relate to a wide range of people. It is easy for Paul because he represents you as a person, not just as a client. Paul has worked with Millionaires and those in bankruptcy; professionals, blue collar workers, and those in the trades; larger than life people and quiet house wives.

What is Paul like? Paul is married to Tracy and they have one son. Expect a smile and a warm welcome when you meet him. Paul has a witty sense of humor and his favorite thing about law is the interaction he has with the wide range of people from all walks of life.

Paul has interests in sailing and wind surfing. Did you know Paul started practicing law in the Virgin Islands? Ask him about his early days enjoying the tropics after a long day of work. His current passion now is restoring his old home; getting his hands dirty with everything from woodworking to steam fittings.

Paul Santilli can serve you well and you will quickly find why so many people like, trust, and rely on Paul for their family law needs. Now is the time to pick up the phone and setup a free consultation with Paul at 262-677-8999.
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Paul Santilli’s Education Background
Paul obtained his Law Degree from Marquette University in 1996, Master’s Degree from Villanova University in 1993 and Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1989. He has served on panels at Continuing Legal Education , educating attorneys on child support enforcement techniques, and has served on committees pertaining to the Wisconsin Lien Docket.

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