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Frequently, couples attempt to handle their divorce on their own, without benefit of a capable divorce lawyer. These couples believe that perhaps this is a “friendlier” way to handle things, or that they will save money. Unfortunately, it may not end the way that you expect; when disagreements arise, one spouse may hire an attorney, or both may seek the advice of one lawyer.
There are any number of accidents that may result in serious or even life-altering injuries. Car, boating, slip and fall and catastrophic accidents, dog bites, medical negligence, premises liability, the list goes on and on.
It can be difficult to live comfortably when you have been injured on the job. Not only do you have added medical expenses, you may be unable to work for an undetermined period of time.
When you lose a loved one due to an accident, medical malpractice, workplace injuries or defective products, it is natural to experience a wide range of emotions including sadness, grief, stress, anger and frustration.

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